Welcome to leverington parish council

Civil local authority for Leverington

The attractive village of Leverington is situated one and a half miles north west of Wisbech. The boundary stretches from the River Nene in the east to Fendyke Lane in the west. It is formed in two parts, north and south and divided by open fields.

The northern part is an historic centre with listed buildings. Trees and open spaces are all very important to the character of the centre.

The southern part also has listed buildings and an ancient monument. The entrance to the village from Wisbech is through a canopy of mature trees leading to Leverington Common.

Although it is not Roman, the Roman Bank was named in the 17th century and it has two footpaths along the length. These join other footpaths into the village. Parts of Leverington are conservation areas and these contain a family park (The Foal Ground), Rabbit Hill Round Barrow, Roman Bank and Cherry Tree Hill Round Barrow, fifteen listed structures and numerous tree preservation orders.

The village is served by a village shop hosting the post office, primary school, the church, village hall, a garage, hair dressers and two public houses and there are allotments available for rent. The parish also has a lawn cemetery.

Recreation facilities include a play ground for the young people, a family park and a sports and social club. Indoor recreation is held in the village hall.

The village population has risen from 1230 in 1981 to about 3000 in 2016 showing a thriving village to which people come to live and enjoy friendship and village life in a rural environment.